New RVing Rewards Discounts Coming!
rving rewardsThe Camp-California Camping Guide includes the RVing Rewards card on page 5. To use it you simply show the card and get a discount at participating RV parks or campgrounds. You know which parks honor the card by finding this symbol in their listing.

To improve this program, we plan to develop a statewide discount program that is not limited to campgrounds and RV parks. We are contacting restaurants, amusement parks, retail stores, movie theatres, hair salons, pet supplies stores, etc. and asking them to honor the card, so that as you travel throughout the state or while you are still at home, you can use your RVing REWARDS! card and stretch your valuable dollars.

You can help!! Please use the link below to submit info on local merchants where you would like to save money. Please provide the contact person (i.e. manager, owner, decision maker) and mailing address, and we'll invite them to participate. The discounts will become available once as we have 1,000 merchants in place, (hopefully by Labor Day weekend).

You can send us a suggestion anytime ... just use the link at

Suggest a Business to offer Discounts.